activeDNS is a South African dynamic DNS service
Costs R10 per host per month. Get up and running instantly.

Terms and Conditions

Nitric Industries CC, as the company offering the ActiveDNS service, take absolutely no responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from the use of this service.

Nitric Industries reserves the right to terminate the the ActiveDNS dynamic domain name service at its discretion. The service constitutes both access to the login portions of this website as well as all attendant DNS record holding and update services. Where possible warning of suspension or deletion from the service will be issued via email to the registered email address of the client however if abuse is suspected Nitric Industries will terminate the service without warning and will not be liable for any loss, cost or damage arising from this action. Nitric Industries specifically reserve the right to suspend or terminate service after 30 days of non-payment from the due date reflected on our invoice.

Users of the ActiveDNS service will be billed on a monthly basis at a fee published on this website or periodically if your amount is small. Billing will occur by email invoice at the beginning of each calendar month for all domains that registered one or more updates in the previous calendar month. A minimum monthly charge applies that will be billed to all active clients - this fee is also published on the publicly accessible portion of this website. An active client is defined as one who has had at least one domain register an update in the previous calendar month. An update refers to a Domain Name System update on Nitric Industries name servers whether this was done manually via functions available on this website, or through use of an automated script or program such as DDClient, or whether requested by email, phone or in person. For VAT registered clients in South Africa provision is made for entering the VAT number when registering on the ActiveDNS website and the onus is on the client to ensure that we have this - and all other information that we collect correctly on record.