activeDNS is a South African dynamic DNS service
Costs R10 per host per month. Get up and running instantly.

ActiveUpdater Windows Client

Windows users can use our ActiveUpdater Windows client (while Linux users can use 'ddclient')

Please read these installation instructions carefully:

  • Download the package from the link below.
  • Run the installer. Accept defaults. It is not necessary to create desktop icon.
  • NB: Reboot Windows before setting up your credentials
  • When Windows has restarted, click the ActiveDNS icon in the system try and enter your host's username, password and hostname. (Remember that the host username and password are set per host, they are not the same as the username and password that use when logging in to the ActiveDNS website)
  • ActiveDNS will start automatically on boot and can't be closed.
  • If you would like to uninstall ActiveUpdater do so from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel

Click here to download ActiveUpdater 1.2 for Windows

ActiveUpater for Windows is provided free to ActiveDNS users. Nitric Industries takes absolutely no responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from the use of this software.